Non Destructive editing

Still working towards my photography task, today I had a workshop on how to affectively edit my photographs using elements such as creating masks and then converting the photograph into a smart object so that if I make any mistakes while cropping my photographs it is easy to go back some steps. Furthermore I was also introduced to a new programme know as Bridge, which is a faster and more affective way to quickly edit photographs.

Below is just a screen shot of the practice task I did using Photoshop, demonstrating some of the skills I learnt which will come in handy when editing my alphabet photographs in a non destructive way.

thED8MPFOA thROFOQTASbecky hughes


Photography task: Initial research

The aim of my first task is to ‘spend time outside looking for ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes which can be photographically framed as letters from the alphabet.’

After reading through my unit brief, it seems the best place to start is with some research into historical aspects such as the works of Moholy-Nagy- who created his first Photogram in 1922 all the way up until 1964; this information was found on the website As well as some more recent works published on websites such as  and

These are the first parts of my research which I am going to start to analyse.

b_006 E_007C_012  K_005 y_003

Through this research I have concluded that I want to have theme of nature so I can make it unique and prove that not everything is obvious at a first glance; but if you explore the area and look at an object in a range of angles then you might just find a hidden letter in there.

Saturday – Fresher’s Fair

Today I had a burst of inspiration after visiting the fresher’s fair at Bournemouth University. Time absolutely flew by and it was amazing to see such a huge crowd of students sharing the same excitement at the opportunities on offer. The main two societies I was really interested in and will be hopefully be becoming part of was the Nerve media team and also the charity known as RAG (raising and giving).Both of these clubs seem to offer a good opportunity to use media and could also help me find a subject that I can really show interest in and in return help me to think of some unique ideas that I can use when completing my digital media and design course.

Nerve-Magazine                       RAG-289x300

Friday – A day of exploring

On Friday I thought I would go and explore the town centre while taking advantage of the fact the BFX festival was taking part inside the BIC. I gathered a few course members and people I thought may be interested and on arrival I was a bit shocked at how small the careers section was and felt that I was too inexperienced to be there. Due to the fact I am a new student I found it hard to understand what these companies were really looking for and offering; however I would recommend anyone who is at a higher level of education with a clear view of what they want to do in the future to pay a visit at future events.

Later that day in relation to the BFX festival there was an amazing show situated in the Lower Gardens in which an array of different sculptures and lanterns are set alight, bringing the whole area to life. Words can’t really describe just  how beautiful this scene was; it was just so mesmerising and made even better by the company of fellow students, my only regret that day was that I didn’t spend longer there .

company-carabosse-artsbysea-e1411081462297 CachedImage


Photographs from-–M:&ved=0CAUQjhw&,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNERFK6a4tGiTzcUX9UNgNOfyrhdrg&ust=1412772455037238,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNERFK6a4tGiTzcUX9UNgNOfyrhdrg&ust=1412772455037238

The beginning of my journey at Bournemouth University

Over the last few days I have started a new journey as a student, met new people and even completed my first basic project. The week started with various different inductions, by the end of which I was then introduced to my fellow group B members. The project was simple enough, we were set various different locations in which we needed to get a group photograph in front of and then were scored between 1 and 10 depending on the distance we had to travel to get these pictures.

The first photographs were within the University; one in front of Talbot house and the other in front of the entrance to Pool house scoring just one point each which we managed to get done very fast. Then we drove to the Asda to complete the next photograph in front of the Railway station; with a score of 2 points. So far we thought this task was going to be easy as we had already managed to get 3 out of the five photographs done. With this we left the cars and opted to walk for around 20 minutes to get another group photograph by the hot air balloon in the Lower Gardens and also managed to find one of our lost group members along the way! The final photograph however proved to be possibly the most challenging as none of us knew where the ‘Durley Inn pub at Durley Chine’ was. Thank God for Google maps ! after what felt like the longest trek down the beautiful  setting of Bournemouth beach we reached a Harvester. With no other pubs in sight but a clear sign stating we were at Durley Chine we came to the conclusion that the pub no longer existed and was now the Harvester.

Feeling relieved that we had completed stage one of the project with just the finishing touches to complete, we all had a much deserved rest and alcoholic beverage before conquering the long walk back to the car.

Now after completing our first group project, and getting to know my group I can safely say I am very much looking forward to life as a student at Bournemouth University and learning many new skills as well as taking part in as many activities as possible.

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