Making my project personal

Yesterday I went out in search for alphabet letters within elements of nature. I found this really difficult at first as I really didn’t know where to start looking due to the fact I am living in a rather built up area in Bournemouth. Without much luck locally I ended up going to Bournemouth town centre with a few friends and my camera just in case I was to find anything there.

I was astonished to find that it was in one of my favourite places – the lower gardens- I found so many shapes appearing when looking from different angles, mainly in the trees. I knew that nature is something I find fascinating but when thinking about how it could relate to me as a student I was a bit lost. On arriving back home after capturing photographs for letters h, v, w, o, b, t, l, y, x, d, z, a, and p the revelation on what made me see these letters in something natural was my love for the area and really appreciating my surroundings, using my knowledge of the rule of thirds to find an intriguing point of interest in my photographs.

My only problem on the day was that it was fairly busy so difficult to get an ideal positioning as well as not having a camera lens which could provide me with a greater zoom, meaning my photographs will need a great deal of cropping down to highlight what I thought were good shaped letters within the surroundings.

For one days work however I am pleased that I am already halfway through the task of finding my letters, although it is going to be difficult to chose which photograph I believe best shows this while providing an interesting and unique take on the project.


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