Task 2 – Fast shutter speed part 1


balloon crop & darken

These two photographs portray time freezing through the use of a fast shutter speed.

Photograph 1- I have managed to capture the balloon as it is slowly braking away and showing the first sign of water at the base of the balloon.

Camera used= Cannon EOS 300D Digital
Settings- f-stop= f/5.6
exposure time= 1/100 seconds
ISO= ISO 400

Photograph 2- This was easily my best outcome, the fast shutter speed has meant I have captured the exact moment of impact as the water is still suspended in the exact shape of the balloon.
Settings- f-stop= f/9
exposure time= 1/800
ISO speed= ISO 400
Although these photographs had a good outcome, I don’t really feel like they show much in terms of my task to show a ‘cycle’.


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