Task 3- part 1

The task
1) Starting from the very basics of film production technology you are invited to explore the first principles of motion picture creation and use drawing to generate a simple animated sequence. 

This is my first experimentation using Photoshop and the animation process to create my own GIF, it obviously does need a lot of work but I have managed to show a cycle in the form of a face appearing and the expression shown. This was made by using 12 photographs of the pictures I had drawn with a 1 second space between each photograph.

This method can link with my research into the Zoetrope that by definition is;

a device for giving an illusion of motion, consisting of a slitted drum that, when whirled, shows a succession of images placed opposite the slits within the drum as one moving image.”

My Outcomes



I also tried to create a character that I might explore more at a later date, this is shown below.

IMG_9749 IMG_9750

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