Development and Realisation

‘The emphasis in this assignment is not on data collection so do not spend time gathering data unless it is simple and easily accessible. Instead identify data you can source and use which you potentially see as interesting to visualise.’  Whilst having these assessment criteria I have chosen to focus on just two countries to compare whilst using obesity as the main element, I would like my layout to primarily represent the surgery aspect of my chosen topic.

As we are not allowed to present these ideas with the use of supporting materials like text or verbal explanation I need to think about how these ideas can be clearly represented with only the use of vector graphics. To do this I have started to conduct some research; this website is a showcase of information graphics and also shows pieces that have won awards. I have been previewing some which could be relevant to the idea of Obesity and in turn this has given me some insight into how i may present my piece of work. Below are some of my favourite examples, although they are not all relevant I like the choice in layout and the way they have used a mixture of images in conjunction with minimum stats and words to make the subject matter clear.

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