Layout research

For my poster I like the idea of using a similar layout to a double page magazine spread, sticking to my theme of obesity in relation with surgery or NHS costs I need to present my ideas so they are easily recognised however not to graphic that it would be offensive to my chosen target audience of 18 to 30 year old. To do this i might have to make my idea come across through a more abstract approach rather than literal, I need to think how I can portray surgery using basic shapes and mainly neutral colours.

Some very interesting takes on this topic could be some of the following photographs, although I am not sure I will have enough time to create this very complex layout, however they are very inspirational and beautifully created photographs which combine vector graphics.

A helpful website I have found which give simple tutorials into using Inkscape which will be a helpful reference when using Gestalt principles to construct my ideas into a highly visual based double page spread.

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