The outcome- Development and realisation

After creating my first poster i was not happy with the outcome and felt it did not meet any of the criteria I had researched into, therefore started again with a clear agenda to create a hospital environment.

The two countries I have represented on my Obesity poster are UK and Norway, as after conducting research it transpired they were very different in the rates of Obesity. I have set my information up in what is meant to be an operating room and used basic shapes and the use of the ‘nodes’ in Ikscape to transform the shapes. There is two body shapes, the surgeon and the patient, and then a prominent liposuction machine being used. I have used circles filled with a neutral colour to represent the fat cells and then the rest of the poster is filled with neutral blues mainly to represent the hospital. I have used a heart-rate monitor to represent some statistics of ‘health costs’ and a ‘2020 forecast’ to keep the theme relevant. For the other statistics I have represented them on a clipboard with the flag of the countries on them with the statistics of BMI and Age in conjunction with the percentage of obesity.

I am happy with some aspects of my poster, such as the colouration used and the obvious body shapes I was able to create. I think I have been able to meet the criteria to make sure that it would be suited to a target audience of 18-30 years of age without being too graphic that it would not be appealing. I have been sure to use objects signs and symbols which should be easily linked to the surgery aspect of my poster.

Areas I could improve would be the quality of the poster, being new to Inkscape I found it difficult to know which tools would be best to use to make my pictures clear and often took a while to create the ideal shape I was looking for. I also found it difficult to find relevant data to use in my poster. Also I do not think there is enough information to make the data I have chosen clear.

This was my final Outcome.

attempt 2