Design for digital media environments

The Brief

Create a “social” Web based application that addresses a specific “problem” of a target audience of your choice. Your application will be browser based and use the technologies of HTML5 and CSS for the visual design. You will also use a database and “server-side” scripting language to control the data “architecture” of the application.

By using a centralised database in your application you are creating a shared public/social space, thus the application becomes a social tool. As a first practice in working with industry models you will methodically identify a sector of society you wish to target, conceptualise their needs and address these needs through your web application. Your application will have a basic authentication system that allows different levels of read/write access. The design of the web application should be simple and clear. What is most important is to demonstrate the interconnectivity between the media forms, in this case the database back-end and the web front-end, through basic functionality.

My understanding

So far we have been learning the basics of using PHP in the program brackets. With this knowledge we have started to integrate MySQL databases which will be useful for creating the back-end of this project. To create the design aspect at the front of the project we will need to use previous skills of HTML and CSS.


HTML5 and CSS3 for the design of the front-end

PHP and MySQL database for the applications back-end.

The source code for your project should be “version controlled” using Git and regularly backed up to a Git Hub account. 


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