Exploring wiki

Within this new project; Design for Digital media environments it is important to explore and use open source user generated content platforms such as Wiki Commons to avoid any implications with copyright when creating our websites. Wiki Commons allows users to upload and share parts of their projects/work, however as part of this open source software, its unique point is that you can use others work or they can use yours as long as you have made this clear within your work; eliminating some of the issues linking to copyright, which will be useful when building our websites.

What is Wiki?

A wiki is essentially a database for creating, browsing, and searching through information. A wiki allows non-linear, evolving, complex and networked text, argument and interaction.

● A wiki is a web application which allows collaborative modification, extension, or deletion of its content and structure.

● wiki is a type of content management system, it differs from a blog or most other such systems in that the content is created without any defined owner or leader,


Below is my account I set up using Wiki Commons via Wikimedia and the steps I followed to do this, along with my first uploaded photograph that I took in Sorrento back in 2012; I completed this using the following link.


2 3 4 5 6

This was the outcome on the following link



This is really easy to use, all the steps are very simple and its your choice how much information you want to make available with the photograph. There is also a clear page where you accept to the agreements of Wiki and your work essentially becoming available for others to use while making it clear this was the original source. This example of a UGC platform is helpful in projects like this as we could be building websites such as a suggested cook book, which would need to include photographs to appeal to the audience, which we can easily access using open source software such as Wiki Commons.


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