First ideas- group work

Today I started to plan a few first ideas for our group project. We have decided we would like to do something that will get people socialising with a similar news-feed layout to Facebook and Twitter, ascending from newest to oldest. The main idea is that you will be posting anonymously but people will know your location and your gender. I feel this would be an interesting idea to explore as it still incorporates databasing but allows people to communicate openly without feeling intimidated at the aspect of meeting someone new. Then its the users choice if they want to meet the person face to face.

001Above: mind-map of our first ideas

Our target audience will be those within University mainly, and our database will consist of the student id, gender, year group and we will some how need to incorporate the location of each user. We have decided once the posts reach 50 then it will be cleared, so our data is always current.


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