Blog post system

For the following project my system which I am going to follow regarding posting to my  blog is as follows.


I will always use the same layout and font size. However I will choose to make the text bold when signalling an important point, new header and will also use bold with italics for my references. The links to certain pages will be in red as shown All text aligned and will span the full length of the page unless it is a quote from another source, in which case it will be within block quotes, indented and a separate paragraph as shown.



these will always be set to full size, with the option to click on them to make them even bigger in alignment with the text. Each image will be accompanied with a short caption saying what it is or providing a link to the original source. If the image is found online I will embed the image via the image URL and then reference this below.

Above:Example of image online


Above: Example of my own image


I will also embed these via the video URL and then provide a short caption of what it is then explain separately how this has been influential.

Above: Example of video embedding. This was helpful as it helped me pick my course. 

Categories and tags

All of this project I will put under the category design for digital media environments, however I will change the tags depending on the post for example I could have

  • mindmap
  • inspiration
  • typography
  • notes

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