Research- Page layout and Twitter

Our main inspiration for out anonymous posting page comes from Twitter.We chose to use a similar layout as it is very clear the chronological order of posts and the post take up a majority of the page which is similar to what we want to achieve. Although each profile has a picture with it, we will just make the students gender known. We still need to do some more research, but we were thinking of making the colour of the posts correspond to the gender.

nav bar

Above: This is a screenshot of Twitter’s navigation bar:

unlike many other websites, it just uses basic photo’s to help the audience navigate between pages. This works well because they are universally used, however people who are not familiar with twitter may not understand the notification button or the hash-tag.


Above: The post layout on Twitter: 

It shows the users identity, for example @ITVCareers, and the time they posted the tweet, they also highlight the hash-tags and any links embedded into the tweets which is useful for the audience to easily recognise. Below the tweet there are further uses of basic photos which makes the tweet available to be re-tweeted, favourites and replied too. I think this is very easy for the audience to use and navigate around. When creating our website I think we will defiantly use a similar layout but with less uses of symbols instead of words.


Above: Twitters use of columns and boxes to keep each area separate.

This layout is a good idea for this site as there are more actions than just tweeting. However I think for our website we will only need two columns as the identity of the users will be anonymous and the other links will be easy to find using our navigation bar which will include the posts page, a meet the team page and then a bit of history on Bournemouth university. Our users will be able to add photographs which will portray Twitter in the fact it will be the same size as the text box of the post.


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