Research- Login page layout

After researching into the layout of Twitter for the main layout of our website, I thought it might be useful to look at the signing up page for a few different websites to see what fields they require. The less steps there are to go through the more likely people are to sign up to be part of the website.


Above: Facebook = 7 fields to fill out before signing up.

Facebook has quiet an easy to follow layout to sign up, with the option of setting it up via a mobile phone as well. Like many pages it also contains terms and conditions in small print, with some of the main text being to make it clear the website it ‘free’. I think this layout works well, for our website we would not need to ask for a phone number but would replace this with the students ID which would then be able to inform us of their year of study.


Above: Twitter = 4 fields to fill out before signing up.

This layout I think is better than Facebook as it is very simple and to the point as many would not want to configure their phone contacts with the social networking. It only asks for very basic information and I think it is good that it gives you options of usernames you can use as it can be annoying trying to find a unique name. Both Twitter and Facebook colour coordinate each page with the colour blue being dominate on each one, which gives it a more professional layout which we will need to take into consideration when designing our website.


Above: The log in page for Bournemouth University= 2 fields required.

I think that although the log in process for the University is very easy, just requiring 2 fields, there is a lot going on around the page, which looks a but cluttered and may make it difficult for new users to find the log in area. Based on this I think it is important we keep our page very simple, with just a few steps to log in.

student portal

Above: Student Chat room log in= 4 fields required.

This is not a website that I am familiar with but I did quiet like that layout, it has just the main fields which makes the process of signing up a lot more desirable, and the use of fairly neutral pale colours means its not too bad to look at. The use of speech bubbles throughout also makes it clear that the website is highly based on students talking too each-other which is a similar idea to what we are looking at. I don’t think we would have as much going on but it is useful to look at a website that is based on a similar idea.


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