Update from the second group meeting

After meeting with the group again we have a new member now : Tina. Darlene has been really busy and done a very good job of setting up our basic database and has started to include some stylistic features. I have managed to do the basic meet the team page, we just now need to agree on what CSS elements we want to run throughout so we can make the website aesthetically pleasing.  We need to work on the database some more however before working on the CSS. We went out and got some photographs that we can add to the website when we get to this stage and have agreed on a name based on the photographs and our mascot of ‘Turtle Talks’. Unfortunately Rafiel was not present for this group meeting but hopefully is going to work on making a link to Twitter as he seemed quiet enthusiastic about doing this. Tina is doing a good job of catching up with what ideas we have had and was the one who came up with the idea of getting some more photographs for the website. Darlene has contributed a lot of her updates to our Git account which is helpful as we can all view the changes, I have added my contribution to the project to Git also. We are meeting again later today to work further on the project.


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