Setting up WAMP and making mistakes

To be able to edit and view the code that Darlene has been working on and try to incorporate elements I had been working on I downloaded the open source software WAMP which was a really easy process with the help of an online tutorial.

Above: The video I used to help me get started.

I then made a database to reflect what Darlene had been uploading to our joint Git account which I easily downloaded as a zip.


Above: My WAMP all set up showing the local host and where my projects are found.


Above: Setting up the users table.


Above: The posts table

I then tried to add in bit of the ‘about us page’ that I had been working on such as the Navigation bar and the footer.


Above: The log in page after I added my code- Footer in the wrong place and buttons are no longer in line.


Above: The posting page after adding my code, the navigation bar was successful but altered the rest of the layout and the footer was not visible.

As you can see from the screenshots it did not go to plan and my copy ended up very muddled, but that’s the beauty of Git, even though mine was a mess, Darlene’s working copy was still intact.

Above: Darlene’s code- how the log in page should appear.


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