Logo Ideas

Today I thought it would be a good idea to sketch out some possible ideas on a logo for our website which we have agreed to call Turtle talks. I have stuck with a cartoon theme when drawing them as we are going beyond what is classed as normal with our name as Turtles can not actually talk, but we all just liked the idea of using a Turtle to link with Bournemouth and our favourite place which is the beach and there is also an aquarium there. I do not know if we will actually use any of these sketches but the final one will be digitalised using software such as Ink-scape or Adobe Illustrator. I think that the sketches are affective by using the style of cartoons the animal is fairly easy to recognise for our chosen target audience and the animal itself is not associated with just being popular with one gender so can appeal to the audience of University students more.


Above: Sketches of some logo ideas.

We have a good idea of the colours we will use on the final product, staying very close to generic colours of greens for the logo.


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