The finished product

In the brief for this project,  we were asked to create a web app for a chosen target audience of our choice that should be able to connect to a database. From the front end using HTML5 and CSS3, the user should be able to view posts, register for an account and be able to post to the database. The back end of the project was to be completed using PHP and MySQL.

In our group, we have created “Turtle Talks”, an anonymous social posting application, that targets students of Bournemouth University and allows them to freely post about what is going on where they are, whether its at the University or where they are staying.

The final website allows the target audience to view all posts, or they can search for a specific post and they can also filter posts so they can only see the ones that are relevant to the area they are currently in. They can affectively sign up for an account and they can actively be part of the posting. I think our idea is good because we were able to establish a clear target audience of University students and then conduct relevant research into our idea. Also if our application was successful then other Universities could adopt the same idea.

The group consisted of myself, Darlene, Rafiel and Tina. Unfortunately we did not see much of Rafiel and he did not contribute to any of the project. However Darlene was very much in charge and is responsible for a lot of the website. Me and Tina did a page each while we all contributed to the name and logo and overall elements of how we wanted the page designed.We kept in contact a lot so we all knew what was going on, mainly by face to face meetings and using Git and Facebook.

I had never done any sort of coding before starting this course let alone building a website from scratch.I didn’t feel that confident with coding but I tried to get myself involved in the project as much as possible.

I managed contribute the following:

  • The original meet the team page ( Tina did the final version)
  • A report button ( Although we did not include this in the final version)
  • A search engine with a basic design (Darlene did the final CSS for the page)
  • Made the website responsive for Kindles

Overall, even though a lot of bits that I spent time working on did not get used for different reasons I feel like I have become a lot more confident in coding and have a better understanding.  I believe we have met the brief successfully and overall I am pleased with most of the groups contribution throughout the process, and have learnt a lot from my group, especially Darlene.

Below are the screenshots from the final version of our web app project.



Above: Final Log in page 


Above: Final posting page


Above: Final meet the team page


Above: Final Search engine page


Above: Final filter page for posts by location 

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