Iterative design process

In order to think about my project in a logical way and make sure I am covering all aspects of the Iterative design process I am going to adopt the following stages:

Iterative Design process: Taken from Kruchten ph Symptoms and Root Causes of Software Development Problems.

My first ideas summed up:

  • The digital message in a bottle could be clues or a mystery to solve.
  • Visual aspects- could focus on the Noddy train, in which you are following train tracks
  • Or focus on the Oceanarium, where the geochace is represented by a penguin, focused on its arrival at the Oceanarium/ its journey.
  • Main audience at the moment is families with young children and school trips.
  • The zones I am picking need to be able to engage a young child
  • Aspect of finding clues/ treasure hunt should link the audience to the concept.
  • Could make the information factual/historical.
  • Graphics= following a treasure hunt, and they get to unlock a fact.
  • Could maybe incorporate digital bar-code scanning?


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