Research for planning stage

My first two phases are my initial planning and requirement which I started to fill out in my previous posts. I thought it would be helpful to do some research into relevant projects/ app’s that have already been made and which might influence my approach to my own project.

An interesting concept for the foundation of this project is the idea of ‘TagandScan’:

Gerrit Visser (December 17, 2003)
The New Scientist writes on the UK service TagandScan “By tagging messages to mobile phone “cells”, users can post reviews, leave notes for friends, or even organise demonstrations”.

When a user logs onto the TagandScan site using their cellphone, they can opt to be automatically located according to network cell from which they are calling. They can then create a message or view ones already left in that cell by other users. 

This bit of research can link to the idea of a Geocache due to the fact it’s about someone last updating this message in 2015, and then the next person to find this is not until 2025. I need to think of reasons why the user would have left this message and how to make it unique.

Key development points:

  • A gateway into the past
  • The message pops up, but can the user edit it or add to it?
  • User scenarios + USD- think of how they would use it, what they like, their background
  • Why is the message important to the person who left it there, why hasn’t it been updated in 10 years, is it timed? Can it only be accessed every ten years

Developing on my original ideas:

  • Noddy train- might not exist in 2025, so the message being planted where it used to be stationed.
  • Did something dramatic happen?

Relevant Research: ” Berlin’s Abandoned Spreepark”

This is a really interesting take, its not based on an app, but it does show how things can dramatically change over time. This amusement park used to be very popular and then closed down. The images below are the aftermath. Its amazing the impact of the photographs when set at a particular time of year and day. This is something I need to think about. Not just what I want my outcome to be, but what the concept and requirements are.

I also wanted to think of some other directions I might want to approach which are different from my first  ideas. It’s important to make sure I look at all possible outcomes as part of the Iterative Design, I need to show my progress and how I came to pick these ideas and why they are significant and focus on the actual design later.

Other possible settings:

  • Arcade, showing contrast of how its changed in 10 years as the outside is already fairly run down.
  • Jurassic Marble blocks
  • Underneath the Pier, possibly in 10 years there will be a glass bottom floor to walk out on linking it to the sea life.

How these ideas can develop:

  • A flashback linked to a specific person
  • A early memory of family holiday
  • No longer exist
  • An anniversary of the family holiday, last one they could go on?
  • Link to the young family member returning on a school trip

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