The Big Beach Clean

Yesterday I started a new hobby…

Volunteering. I have decided to start getting more involved in activities outside of my course and thought that the best place to start would be to sign up with some of the many volunteering opportunities available. Not only will this help me to meet new people, but it will most importantly teach me the importance of giving back to the community and set me up for my year placement at the start of Summer 2016.


The Bournemouth Beach Champions Project works along with the Litter Free Coast & Sea Campaign to keep our amazing beaches beautiful for everyone.

We’ll be teaming up with a whole group of students and carrying out a beach clean from Bournemouth Pier. Hidden under the sand you’ll find all sorts of litter that needs cleaning up before it gets into the sea and causes problems for marine life.


Photographs: Shot: 1/320 sec. F/11 18mm ISO:100 Device: Cannon EOS 300D Digital

Skills gained

  • Interpersonal
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Conservation

beach cleanMy thoughts
Not only was it great to see other like-minded students getting involved. It was also amazing to see that members of the community were approaching us and asking us more about what we were doing and being pleased about our participation. It has definitely made me want to continue to volunteer and look forward to the next opportunity.