Friday – A day of exploring

On Friday I thought I would go and explore the town centre while taking advantage of the fact the BFX festival was taking part inside the BIC. I gathered a few course members and people I thought may be interested and on arrival I was a bit shocked at how small the careers section was and felt that I was too inexperienced to be there. Due to the fact I am a new student I found it hard to understand what these companies were really looking for and offering; however I would recommend anyone who is at a higher level of education with a clear view of what they want to do in the future to pay a visit at future events.

Later that day in relation to the BFX festival there was an amazing show situated in the Lower Gardens in which an array of different sculptures and lanterns are set alight, bringing the whole area to life. Words can’t really describe just  how beautiful this scene was; it was just so mesmerising and made even better by the company of fellow students, my only regret that day was that I didn’t spend longer there .

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