Photography task: Initial research

The aim of my first task is to ‘spend time outside looking for ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes which can be photographically framed as letters from the alphabet.’

After reading through my unit brief, it seems the best place to start is with some research into historical aspects such as the works of Moholy-Nagy- who created his first Photogram in 1922 all the way up until 1964; this information was found on the website As well as some more recent works published on websites such as  and

These are the first parts of my research which I am going to start to analyse.

b_006 E_007C_012  K_005 y_003

Through this research I have concluded that I want to have theme of nature so I can make it unique and prove that not everything is obvious at a first glance; but if you explore the area and look at an object in a range of angles then you might just find a hidden letter in there.